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Hi there and welcome to The Hungry Guy !

We are living in unprecedented times where the situational environment can evolve very quickly. The struggle to regain a sense of normality of our daily living habits is a very real struggle. Simple things such as dining out with family and friends are now limited to in-house dining. 

But do not fret ! Here at The Hungry Guy, we aim to bring all these delights to you at home with the help of my two sous chefs, El Padre and El Smoko.

Weighing in at 75kg, "El Padre" is a competition pro char grill smoker with 8,729 cm sq of cooking space which does the heavy duty smoking work. The "El Smoko" was a work of passion, built using a 115 ltr galvanised bin in the very home of The Hungry Guy over a few weeks and, handles the lighter and quick smoke loads. As a team, they are a true BBQ culinary force to be reckoned with.

Check out our menu and order from us if the pictures alone are not enough to stir your gastric juices  already!



Boston Lobster Noodles

Boston lobster noodles served up in a long, home cooked savoury broth guaranteed to hit all the right sensory notes. Three Boston lobsters weighing approximately 450-500g each.



Smoked US Beef Short Ribs (Boneless / Bone-In)

Hickory wood smoked super tender boneless beef short ribs that’s melt in your mouth (min. 1kg)




Smoked St. Louis Baby Back Ribs

A finger-licking good rack of spareribs infused in flavours of The Hungry Guy’s homemade secret rub and marinate. (min. 1.5kg)


Please note lobster prices are subject to change based on prevailing market prices. 


Smoked Aust. Lamb Rack

Australian lamb rack marinated in parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme butter, smoked and flambed to perfection.



Braised Oxtail Stew

A real delight. Oxtail slow cooked in its own natural jus and packed with flavour from a range of diced vegetables. An absolute favourite and a must try. 



Bacon & Sausage Spaetzle

A delicious pasta dish cooked with smoked bacon, sliced sausages, mushrooms, garnished with chopped Italian parsley and sprinkle of red chilli flakes and lemon.


Please place orders at least 3 days in advance


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